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We help men & women keep more hair, without side effects.

The Co-founders

Steve Muller and Alex Novak met the first week of college, back when they both had very full heads of hair.

Flash forward 10 years, when Alex began to not-so-subtly point out Steve's thinning hair.

Together, they set out in search of convenient, effective and affordable solutions for hair loss that didn't involve pharmaceuticals. With that, heyhair was born.

What do we stand for? 


We know that when it comes to hair loss, there are a lot dishonest people selling products that don't work. Our core principle is based on integrity to do what's best for our customer, no matter what. 

 Science Based

Our products are chosen using scientific principles and as a company we base our decisions on scientific evidence. We'll never sell something that hasn't been researched formally.

100% Guaranteed

When you buy online you never really know what you're going to get in the mail. We want to take all the risk off you and put it on us, so you can buy with confidence. That's why all heyhair products come with a 180 day, 100% money-back guarantee.

How can we help you?

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