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Advanced Anti-Gray Scalp Treatment Serum

Gray Escape Serum is a groundbreaking formula offering proprietary, award winning ingredients scientifically proven to prevent premature greying, as well as reactivate the production of melanin to stimulate the pigmentation of your natural hair color and aid in the growth of healthy hair follicles. 

  • Contains Darkenyl™ & Greyverse™ - 2 Clinically Studied Anti-Gray Formulas Combined For Maximum Effectiveness*

  • Stimulates Melanin Production In Graying Hair

  • Reduces Appearance of White or Gray Hairs

  • Decreases Density of White or Gray Hairs

  • Helps Prevents Hair Ageing 

  • Includes Capixyl™ For Remarkable Hair Growth And Protection Properties

  • This Is A Cutting Edge Serum And First Of Its Kind. We Guarantee Results In 3 Months Or Your Money Back!

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Anti-Gray Formula With Clinically Studied Ingredients Proven To Reduce gray hair*

Innovative, Award Winning Formulas To Get Rid of Gray Hair*

We have used two innovative ingredients in the formulation. 

First, we've included 1% DARKENYL™, which helps to reactivate and stimulate the pigment in the hair follicle, prevent gray hairs from developing by helping to reactivate the production of melanin and by controlling the levels of free radicals impacting hair pigmentation.

Clinical studies have shown while using these ingredients, white hair proportion decreased by up to 56%*.

Secondly, we also included another award winning ingredient, 2% GREYVERSE™, which contains an innovative a-MSH biomimetic peptide able to act on the different cause of the hair graying process. 

It offers an unprecedented efficient solution to prevent, stop and reverse the inevitable sign of aging.

Clinical studies have showing while using this ingredient, you'll see a decrease in overall gray hair and a decrease in gray hair density.**

An overnight scalp treatment that helps to treat and prevent pigmentation loss, for less gray hairs when used consistently over a period of 4 months.

An Effective, Simple Solution To Your Gray Hair Problems

  • Patented a-MSH biomimetic peptide in Greyverse™

  • Stimulates the natural pigmentation process to recover a natural hair color

  • Innovation and complete mechanism of action targeting the two main causes of graying process for optimal results

  • Improves melanogenesis & reduces oxidative stress in the bulb

  • Stimulation of melanin product in graying hair 

  • Darkenyl™ significantly increases by +15% the product of melanin into the graying hair follicles in 3 days

Patented & Comprehensive Ingredients For Breakthrough Anti-Gray Hair Treatment



Darkenyl™ acts on stems cell to repigment the hair shaft. It's a smart combination of taxifolin glucoside ( a stabilised antioxidant, acting as a stimulator of stem cellers proliferation and maintenence) and N-acetyl-tyrosine (which is a precursor of melanin)

Darkenyl™ acts on stems cell to repigment the hair shaft. It's a smart combination of taxifolin glucoside ( a stabilised antioxidant, acting as a stimulator of stem cellers proliferation and maintenence) and N-acetyl-tyrosine (which is a precursor of melanin)

  • We recommend shaking the bottle before use. Use as an overnight treatment.  

  • Shake a 2-pence size amount into the palm of your hand, massage hands together, use your fingertips to rub into scalp and leave on overnight. 

  • Apply enough to cover entire scalp. Wash hair as normal in the morning, if desired. 

  • Use every night for best results over a 4 month period. 

  • Best results can be observed after 4 months, so the first bottle will set you off in the right direction—but keeping consistent is key! Depending on usage, you should need between 4 to 5 bottles to keep you going for approx 4 months or over.


White hair proportion decreased by up to 56%*

*Based on clinical testing carried out on 22 men aged from 18 years old and above, formula containing 1% Darkenyl™. Used everyday for 4 months.


L* parameter significantly decreased by 5.3% (up to 32%) confirming a darker color of hair

Outstanding visibly significant decrease in gray hair density by 30% (up to 81%) after 3 months of treatment

**Based on clinical testing carried out on 15 men with dark hair suffering from early canities (white hair >20%), using a formula containing 2% Greyverse™.. Used everyday for 3 months.

Why is this the best solution for gray hair?

  • Targets main causes of gray hair

  • Clinically proven hair repigmentation

  • Decrease in overall gray hairs

  • Decrease in gray hair density

  • Progressively recover natural hair color


Does this work with Gray Escape™ supplement?

Yes! We highly recommend using this serum with our Gray Escape™ supplement for maximum effect. The supplement provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals your hair needs to be healthy and protect it against grays, while the serum is a topical, and is very effective at decreasing gray hair density from the outside. These work in perfect unison together, nourishing your body and hair from the inside out.

How long until I see results?

We provide all the top payment methods: Credit Card, PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay & Stripe.

Do I have to keep taking this to maintain results?

Of course you can! Upon receiving, you can open the package to check whether it’s the correct order.

Does this work for facial/beard?

You can return the product for a full refund within 7 days. We offer one for one exchange in case the product is originally damaged or outdated.

How long does shipping take?

Yes, Avecera ships to the whole world, and we do it for free with orders over $100!

What if this product does not work for me?

Yes, Avecera ships to the whole world, and we do it for free with orders over $100!

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United States United States
I recommend this product
Give it some time and really does make a difference!

You have to be patient, but it absolutely does work! After month 4 I started to see some hairs without pigment at the tip that had brown roots


Thanks for the feedback Taylor!

Calhan M.
Australia Australia
I recommend this product
I haven’t had it long enough to tell if it’s working yet :) will let you know in a month

Haven’t used it Long enough to tell if it’s working. Will let you know soon

Gavin S.
Australia Australia
Gray Escape Works Great!

I only think it's fair that I write a review about this product because I have had very amazing results. I've tried quite a few anti gray supplements and havent had much success. Almost just gave up entirely but decided to give this a try with a 3 month supply. It took a while to notice any changes, but by the time I hit my 3rd bottle an amazing thing happened, my hair grew thick, long and luxurious an unexpected but delightful side effect and to cap it up every single strand of hair on my head was not gray anymore! I advise anyone thinking of going this route to go ahead, might take some time, but if you're stubborn, you'll soon get a big surprise. Good luck!


So glad to hear you're seeing benefits from Gray Escape! Would love to see some photos if you're willing to share

Ireland A.
Australia Australia

It works -- BUT it doesn't work overnight. Think about it. The hair that is already on your head is whatever color it is. There is nothing that is going to change that except hair dye. The only thing a good supplement can change is the NEW hairs that grow in to replace the hairs that cyclicly fall out. After a hair falls out, the follicle rests for a while, and when its dormant stage is over it begins to grow a new hair to replace the old hair which has fallen out. That new hair will now have color in it because of the effects the catalase this supplement has. I recommend this product, but be sure to have some patience and realistic expectations with it.

Ana L.
Canada Canada
Bargain deal.

This is the best price on this product I have found so far. For 6 months this product showed good results but I have since switched to a subscription to ensure I keep on receiving the products.





Our Philosophy


We know that when it comes to hair loss, there are a lot dishonest people selling products that don't work. Our core principle is based on integrity to do what's best for our customer, no matter what.


Science Based

Our products are chosen using scientific principles and as a company we base our decisions on scientific evidence. We'll never sell something that hasn't been researched formally.

100% Guaranteed

When you buy online you never really know what you're going to get in the mail. We want to take all the risk off you, & put it on us, so you can buy with confidence. That's why our products come with a 180 day, 100% money back guarantee.




*Darkenyl™ is a trademark of Givaudan and is used with permission

**Greyverse™ & Capixyl™ are trademarks of Lucas Meyer Cosmetics and is used with permission

Water (Aqua /Eau), Betaine, Panthenol, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Xanthan Gum, Acetyl Tyrosine, Ethylhexylglycerin, Trisodium Ethylenediamine Disuccinate, Sodium Hydroxide, Glycine, Larix Europaea Wood Extract, Sodium Metabisulfite, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Zinc Chloride