Scalp Massaging 101

Scalp Massages For Hair Growth 

 A Short Guide



Hair loss can be one of the most distressing things about our appearance and something we feel is beyond our control. Just as you can't out-exercise a bad diet, neither can you out-dress hair loss. It makes you feel exposed, both literally and figuratively, and can be the only thing you see in the mirror.

There are many different hair loss types, and it's important to see your doctor when you first notice your hair is thinning or your hairline is starting to migrate. Balding is a common problem plaguing men over 25, but hair loss and hair thinning are widespread problems for women as well.

Before you wade into the world of hair loss drugs, treatments, or even surgeries to regain your luscious locks, don't overlook the power of the simplest of treatments: head/scalp massages for hair growth.

Beyond being one of the most relaxing types of massage, a deep scalp massage can also lead to enormous benefits in hair regrowth.

Here, we will explore what a head massage can do for your hair and the overall benefits of this type of massage. We'll introduce you to a device that can help you massage your own head, explain how it works, and how to use it.

Do Scalp Massages Actually Help Your Hair Grow?

Yes, that's the great news!

In 2016, a small scale study used a mechanical scalp massager for hair growth on nine men for a minimum of four minutes a day, for six months. As a result of the consistent motion from the head massager, the skin cells surrounding the hair follicle were re-energized. Hair regrowth was thicker, and there was a reduction in the genes responsible for hair loss.

In 2017, another survey published results showing that nearly 70% percent of scalp massage participants found their hair loss stopped or began to regrow after massaging their heads for 10-20 mins a day for 25 weeks.

Let's break some of the findings down:

  • Applying consistent pressure in a circular motion, which is the essence of a massage, can increase blood flow. 

  • When done on the scalp, circulation around the hair's root (which is the only living part of the hair) results in improved blood flow and lengthens the hair's growth cycle.

  • The scalp gets more nutrients than it did before due to better circulation to the skin's surface.

Scalp Massage Benefits

Just a scalp massage itself, outside of the help it provides to the hair follicle, can be enormously beneficial to your health, your blood pressure, and your stress levels.

Whether you've had your head massaged by a hairstylist, a massage therapist, or even one of those wire head-scratchers, you know the superlative feeling of relaxation a scalp massage creates.

A head massage feels good because of the number of nerves close to the surface of the skin on your scalp. Applying pressure in a circular motion stimulates those nerves and calms the nervous system.

Studies have shown that scalp massagers for hair growth help lower blood pressure, slow the heart rate, and significantly reduce stress, which can be a significant factor in hair loss. 

Benefits Of Using A Scalp Massager Device

Unlike back massages, you can do scalp massages on yourself. Head massages can be done while watching your favourite show, before bed, or anytime you find some time to yourself. Some studies have shown that adding essential oils like peppermint or rosemary can aid in hair growth too.

A massage should last at least ten to twenty minutes to get the full benefit for hair regrowth. However, performing even a ten-minute scalp massage on yourself will feel difficult. While your head will love the pressure, it will likely result in sore arms, tired muscles, hand cramps or numb fingers. It will also be challenging to maintain consistent pressure.

Instead, try a device that is easy to hold and provides you with the type of deep massage you'd find difficult to achieve with your fingers.

Scalp massagers for hair growth are comfortable to hold in either hand. They have soft massaging nubs that work to stimulate your scalp and get the blood flowing.

The heyhair massager goes above and beyond, though, with its pressure point technology switching between two speeds and changing rotating directions. It comes with a charging dock and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand.

With the heyhair massager, a ten-minute scalp massage is no longer associated with sore arms — just absolute relaxation.

How To Properly Use A Scalp Massager

To reap all the scalp massager benefits, let's review some essential tips and techniques about how to use a head massager:

Consistency is Key
The studies outlined above were successful because scalp massages were performed every day for several months to gauge their effects. As with exercise, a good diet, or any habit – you have to do it consistently to see results.

Don't Rush It
While scalp massages as short as four minutes a day have shown results, longer is better. If you can find ten to fifteen minutes to sit quietly with the heyhair massager, you're giving your scalp more time to benefit from improved circulation as well as providing yourself with time to relax.

Going Through the Motions
Start from your hairline (whether there's hair there or not) and move the massager in circular motions towards the crown of your head.

Then, put the massager at the base of your hair and move up towards the crown of your head with the same circular motions.

On the side of your head, start at the front and move towards the back.

At the end, you might feel a pleasant 'buzzing' feeling all over your scalp: that's your nerve endings thanking you.


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