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Advanced Anti-Gray Hair Supplement | Gray Escape

Gray Escape™ Advanced Anti-Gray Hair Growth Supplement

A masterful blend of scientifically supported ingredients, each meticulously proven to combat and delay hair aging. Ingredients like Tyrosine, PABA, and Catalase are at the forefront of this formulation. This potent fusion of natural, age-defying elements simplifies the journey towards controlling and even reversing the signs of aging in gray hair. Experience the ease and effectiveness of our advanced solution in your fight against time.

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Take 2 capsules daily with H2O and a meal if preferred or as recommended by your doctor.
For both men and women. Helps reduce and prevent gray hair. Promotes healthy hair growth. Combats hair loss.










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I need time to see results but I think I see less gray hair
Been using this for just under a year and still seeing great results. Roots are showing much less gray and overall color has improved. I see others complain they see no results in a couple months or so. The gray does not magically disappear after after 4 to 6 weeks! You have to stick with it for months and months while the color grows out from the roots. Takes patience.
-Abel C.
I start to take the gray escape pills and noticed that my hair side near the ears are getting slightly darker. I'm taking the first bottle. Its working slowly, but it's working!
-Ayla B.

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Our anti-gray products work best on those who have 0-30% gray hair. Not sure what percentage you are?

A Powerful Formula To Help Prevent & Promote The Reversal of Aging Gray Hair

Our Advanced Anti-Gray Supplement delivers an optimal amount of enzymes and minerals, like Catalase, Tyrosine, and more to truly help prevent and combat the ageing of your hair, while promoting healthy hair growth with noticeable results.

Key Benefits: Gray Escape™ Anti-Gray Vitamin

Helps Prevent & Reduce Premature Gray Hair

Clinically formulated with science backed ingredients that help prevent gray hair from the inside out.


Stimulates Production of Melanin

Melanin is a natural pigment of your hair, when it slows down your hair turns gray or white.


Promotes Natural, Healthy Hair Growth

Loaded with vitamins and minerals to provide your hair follicles the ingredients for growth.


100% Natural Ingredients

Gray Escape™ is made with 100% natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes, in a FDA registered facility.


Helps Restore Natural Hair Pigmentation

Catalase, FoTi, Copper, Zinc and more combine to help re-pigment your hair.


Helps Fight And Prevent Hair Loss

6 powerful DHT blocking ingredients help fight off premature hair loss.

Actual Results using Gray Escape™:

By using Gray Escape™ daily you can reduce, reverse, and prevent gray hair is as little as 40 days. Our guaranteed & clinically tested anti-gray formula will provide a visible decrease in gray hair density in as early as 90 days. Continue to see progress to your natural hair color by making Gray Escape™ a part of your long-term hair routine.

  • Before After
    60 Days
  • Before After
    80 Days
  • Before After
    90 Days
  • Before After
    95 Days
  • Before After
    40 Days
  • Before After
    75 Days
  • Before After
    120 Days

The Gray Escape™ Solution

Anti-Gray Hair Ingredients

6 highly effective, proven ingredients working in unison to help promote the prevention and reversal of your gray hair and get that natural color back. We break it down below and show you the exact ingredients for each step.

Anti-Hair Loss

The second target is hair loss. We've added very powerful, clinically proven natural DHT blockers like Saw Palmetto as well as Barley Juice Powder which fights loss by improving circulation.

Stimulate Hair Growth

To top it off we stacked it with highly regarded ingredients and nutrients that have proven to aid in stimulating hair growth like Biotin, Horsetail Stem, Folic Acid, and more.

Real Customers. Real Results.

Use Gray Escape™ to rediscover your natural, vibrant hair color.