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Anti-Gray Clinical Study


There are two main factors that cause gray hair: the decrease in melanogenesis (which can come from aging) and the increase in oxidative stress in the hair bulb. Greyverse™ and Darkenyl™ work in unison along with proven extracts and minerals for the ultimate gray hair formula.

Actual Clinical Results

The Science Behind The Formula

See the science and studies behind how these effective ingredients work

How It Works

Stimulates MC1-R

Due to its complete mechanism of action, the peptide found in Greyverse™ is able to act simultaneously and efficiently on both factors by stimulating MC1-R (Melanocortin 1 Receptor).

Increase Melanogenesis

The number and activity of melanocytes in the hair bulb decrease over time leading to a decline in the melanogenesis process.

The stimulation of melanogenesis enhances melanin production in the hair bulb and favors better transfer leading to hair repigmentation.

Reduction In Oxidative Stress

Hair follicle cells produce small amounts of hydrogen peroxide (H202) as part of the oxygen cycle. This oxidative substance is naturally degraded by catalase into harmless elements of water and oxygen. With aging, catalase activity decreases leading to an accumulation of H202. This then progressively bleaches the melanin pigments and the hair from the inside out.

The decrease in oxidative stress preserves hair pigmentation.

How It Works

Effectively Reduces White Hairs

In a 4 months clinical trial, Darkenyl™️ showed amazing effectiveness in reducing the density of white hairs. More than 2 times more effective than the placebo. The proportion of white hair is visibly reduced, with a reduction down to -56% for the best respondent (from 90% of white
hair at D0 down to only 40% after 4 months).

Stimulates Hair Follicle Stem Cells

Darkenyl™️ targets the stemm cells of your follicle for re-pigmentation. Taxifolin glucoside - a key piece in Darkenyl™️ - significantly increases the proliferation of the hair follicle stem cells, up to +30% versus
positive control.

Activates Melanogenesis To Increase Melanin Production

Darkenyl™️ is highly effective at activating melanogenesis in your hair follicles which increased the melanin production to your roots. Melanin is responsible for the coloring of your hair pigment.

Effective Two-Tiered Approach

Advanced Anti-Gray Treatment System

Use these togther daily over a 3-6 month period and you'll be amazed at the visible changes in your hair color and health.