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About Us


Our journey initially started as a way to find a natural solution to help prevent hair loss and simply get some hair back. But as we researched and researched searching for alternatives to using harsh pharmaceuticals (such as Minoxidil or Finasteride) for a more natural solution – we realized there was so much more high quality, scientifically-backed products, that we could provide to address the various hair struggles that people can encounter – from slowing hair color loss, to promoting hair growth and limiting hair loss, to providing wellness supplements that can help to remedy some underlying issues that can lead to hair health issues (stress, lack of sleep, etc.).

At heyhair, we believe that everyone should look & feel like their best selves all the time because when they do, they grow in other ways. Our job is to make that journey easy and affordable.

All our products are made in an FDA-registered facility in the USA with third-party tested, clinically proven ingredients. Addressing any hair issues (slowing gray hair, slowing hair thinning, promoting hair growth, etc.) is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. That said, we stand by all of our products fully and offer a 100% satisfaction guaranteed refund policy.


Anyone who has ever had to worry about hair color loss, hair thinning, or overall hair problems can easily relate to the struggles involved. Products that don’t work, products that have harmful & potentially permanent side effects, or products that don’t have clean ingredients.

The heyhair team was born from searching for convenient, effective, natural, and affordable solutions to address hair color loss, thinning hair, and overall hair care & wellness that didn’t involve pharmaceuticals.

Today, heyhair is a leading consumer-centered hair health company, led by scientifically proven ingredients and medical professionals, which are simple and affordable, and allow you to go back to being you - and not worrying about your hair.


We want to help as many men & women as possible slow hair color loss and keep more hair - naturally. Hair that you’re proud of deserves products that you’re proud to use -- and we give you everything you need to grow the healthiest hair possible. Our products define us and we are extremely confident they will improve your hair health.